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Please see my icon: Reality is a nice place, but I wouldn't want to live there. So I watched Inception. Twice.

It's bloody insane how a movie that is actually an action flick can fascinate such a huge amount of people.
So this is my Inception post. If you haven't watched the movie: GO DO SO! And then come back. ;)

Actually I wanted to watch Inception in the theaters but it was released here (Germany) in summer so nobody couldn't be bothered to join me. I got it as a Christmas present - the normal DVD. But Jesus that's the first movie I truly want to watch in 3D (I usually hate 3D) or at least on Blue Ray. Well but no such thing... Anyways...

The movie is definitely an action flick (a pretty brutal one I might say because what they do with the projections is not nice. And killing each other.) and has very little character development (a part from Drom obsly). BUT Nolan planted a fucking huge idea in my head. So simply saying I'm intrigued would be an underestimation. The idea of the movie is simply insane and how it's introduced to us through Dom's previous failures and Ariadne's learning process are fabulous ideas.
Plus everything is very illegal and secret. Hell, they actually steal thoughts in very elegant way! (Brilliant!)
So I loved watching it (both in English and in German).

onto more rambling about characters and ships )

This fandom owns my soul! Usually I don't get into a fandom based on a movie because it's mostly short lived (the movie itself and the fandom) and most movies do not capture my attention so thoroughly. But Inception does! I even wrote fic. A story in English even!
So I'm in need of a beta reader for a under 2k gen fic. (It's Eames centered. Yeah.) Anybody?!

Comments? Ideas? Criticism? Squees? Rants?
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Anybody loves Glee again?! MEEEE!!

The beginning of the season was pretty lame and filled with countless WTF moments on my part, but still it's an entertaining show because silly teenage trouble with songs! YEAH! But they won me back with 2x08 Furt because
cut for spoilers )

So I'm looking forward to sectionals!
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Could someone upload the soundtrack of Buffy's Once more with feeling for me please?!
I'm in the mood for some good old fandom love. Maybe someone still remembers this show: Blond chick either slaying vampires or sleeping with them. ;) Yes, that was before all the Twilight crap came up.
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I got into some new tv-shows lately and wanted to share my thoughts. So is anybody of you watching one of these?!

Flash Forward )

How I met your mother - All seasons )

Rizzoli & Isles )

Life Unexpected )
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My mom is watching the Grey's Anatomy season 6 finale in English with me. My mom doesn't know any English (well okay maybe 30 words) and hasn't seen any new episodes.
But you don't have to know any English to get the freaking scary frightening plot of the finale. OMG you guys. It's freaking me out so far and I'm only in the middle of 6x23.
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He guys,

how was your week? Mine was fast and slow. On Tuesday my bf and me came back from Stockholm. It was his birthday present by my parents and me. A flight to Stockholm. It was a wonderful trip even though the beginning was horrible (we nearly missed our flight in Berlin). But we had four sunny and happy days. If someone wants to see photos just comment and I'll post a few. Stockholm is an expensive amazing city.

Then my doc put me on sick leave because I've had headaches and dizziness for more than a week. So couldn't work on my thesis. I still have to arrange everything with my uni but that should go smoothly if they ever pick up the phone. lol

I finally watch Bones 5x21 and 5x22 AND I even put togehter a post about the episodes. OMG Jules is posting something like a review. lol These are just some thoughts and rambling.
And there are obviously SPOILERS for Bones season finale.

5x21 The Boy with the Answer )

5x22 The Beginning in the End )

Have a nice week!
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OMG. Watch the awesomeness of all these guys and the MWs man crush on MH
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Rick Castle I wanna have your babies!
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I saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie tonight with Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. GAYEST MOVIE EVER. They threw in two female side kicks but srsly these two guys were talking about their relationship all the time. I went with some friends and the one next to me was like "It was really obvious. But they were kinda cute together." Agreed! (They actually discussed if it was *their* dog. Playing house much?!) Ninja!Holmes was a bit too much for me but at least the movie was entertaining.

And the new Bones episode kinda rocked! (I don't get the patriotism thing.) But dude good stuff here!

Good Night folks.
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