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I just watched The King's Speech.

Holy shit, give Firth a fucking Oscar! He's absolutely brilliant - always has been and since the Academy didn't choose him last year they better do it this year.
And another one please for the lovely Helena Bonham Carter (outstanding as usual) and for the great Geoffrey Rush aswell.
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Please see my icon: Reality is a nice place, but I wouldn't want to live there. So I watched Inception. Twice.

It's bloody insane how a movie that is actually an action flick can fascinate such a huge amount of people.
So this is my Inception post. If you haven't watched the movie: GO DO SO! And then come back. ;)

Actually I wanted to watch Inception in the theaters but it was released here (Germany) in summer so nobody couldn't be bothered to join me. I got it as a Christmas present - the normal DVD. But Jesus that's the first movie I truly want to watch in 3D (I usually hate 3D) or at least on Blue Ray. Well but no such thing... Anyways...

The movie is definitely an action flick (a pretty brutal one I might say because what they do with the projections is not nice. And killing each other.) and has very little character development (a part from Drom obsly). BUT Nolan planted a fucking huge idea in my head. So simply saying I'm intrigued would be an underestimation. The idea of the movie is simply insane and how it's introduced to us through Dom's previous failures and Ariadne's learning process are fabulous ideas.
Plus everything is very illegal and secret. Hell, they actually steal thoughts in very elegant way! (Brilliant!)
So I loved watching it (both in English and in German).

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This fandom owns my soul! Usually I don't get into a fandom based on a movie because it's mostly short lived (the movie itself and the fandom) and most movies do not capture my attention so thoroughly. But Inception does! I even wrote fic. A story in English even!
So I'm in need of a beta reader for a under 2k gen fic. (It's Eames centered. Yeah.) Anybody?!

Comments? Ideas? Criticism? Squees? Rants?
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Wouldn't that be the perfect Christmas film?

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So yesterday I went to the cinema and watched the latest Harry Potter movie OMG all grown up. Old Dumbledore gets nostalgic!

My summary of the movie: Blink and you'll miss it!

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What did you think?
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James Bond: Casino Royal - Yeah, I've never been a real Bond fan. What a girls has to do to make her boyfriend happy, she does. So we watched Casino Royal.
Daniel Craig as Bond was surprisingly good, because his character was rough. I highly enjoyed the Poker game (despite the bugs there ;)), because I love playing Poker myself.
The story was... nice!? I dunno. Didn't really swept me off my feet. Le Chiffre was cool. There was too much vionlence. Honestly all the killing disgusted me a lot. But the ending was great - Even if I saw it coming. ;)

Little Miss Sunshine - I loved the trailer. I love the movie even more. Watching LMS was so much fun. I highly recommend this movie for people who like feel good movies and family stories! I'm so going to buy the DVD.

The Prestige - Last weekend bf and me watched 'The Prestige'. He really talked me into going there (and he payed the ticket *g*), because: Magician and Scarlett Johanson --> me = bored. But: OMG Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Micheal Caine, Andy Serkins. *fanggirls* And yes that movie is awesome and thrilling and *meisgoingtobuythedvd*. :D Bf and me were totally amazed - we talked about it the whole way home. It doesn't happen often that we agree about a movie that much. But the plot is brilliant and the actors are at their best I think. And I had my 'David Bowie'-moment: "OMG that's actually David Bowie on screen!" *lol* Go to your local cinema and watched that movie! GO!

Btw: I LOVED NCIS Season 3 finale (yeah it was on TV weeks ago). Grey's Anatomy is great these days. I found my love for Addison. :D
And I really like Bones these days. But Numb3rs and Bones are on German TV at the same time - so it sucks.

Real life: I survived the exams. Hopefully I passed all the three of them (we get the results next week or in two weeks). I still have to write a paper and two essay till march - which is soon. :/
My parents are on vacation right now. Gran Canaria. 20°C. And at home it's snowing like whoa right now. But they're coming back tonight/tomorrow in the morning. The snow will be quite a shock for them. *grin*
Tomorrow I'll go to Berlin with a friend. To the SNOW PATROL concert. *OMGsqueee* There I'll meet the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] bad_day666. I haven't been to many concerts lately so I'm quite excited AND it's Snow FREAKING Patrol. :D
On Saturday I'll to my days of doom. That's how I call my winter/skiing holiday. I've never stood on ski's or a snowboard in real snow on a real mountain. I'll pee myself and cry. *rofl*
That's the worst case scenario but I hope it'll be great and by some twisted kind of faith clumsy little Jules will make it. :D

I'm back on Februrary 17th. Stay save. Have fun!
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My huge pre-christmas icon post. :D

It's been ages since I posted icons because I'm a lazy arse. ;)
Most of these icons are very old part of art battles - so they're based on wishes of my battle partner.

ICONS - Total 151
[001-068] Grey's Anatomy
(Spoilers for end of season 2 and Crossovers from 46-68)
[069-096] House m.d.
[097-119] NavyCIS
[120-121] Emergency Room - Ray/Neela

[122-140] The Island, Pride & Prejudice, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
[141-143] Alan Rickman
[144-150] Christmas, PatD, Winnie Pooh
+1 Alan Rickman & Gary Oldman

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BANNERS - Total 13
House m.d., Grey's Anatomy, NavyCIS, Emergency Room, Panic!At the disco, Eternal Sunshine of a spotless Mind, Harry Potter

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