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Dad: You sing while driving?
Me: Dad, I don't sing. I perform.
Dad: chuckles
Me: What else am I supposed to do while driving?
Dad: Concentrate on driving...
Me: Well...
Dad: And imitate engine sounds.
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TOEFL SCORE: 108! (out of 120) YEAH!

OMG this is amazing. I totally rocked the Speaking test with 30/30.
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DONE! 1728 words.

It actually happened. I finished my Bachelor thesis and handed it in. It's done.
A friend agreed with me that this thesis leaves you behind with a giddy excitment and a boring emptiness at the same times. What am I supposed to do now?! *lol* (My first plan is to sleep in tomorrow. Goal: Stay in bed till 10! lol)
I'll start looking for a job again and for possible Master degrees I'm interested in. I still have one semester to go. But right now I'm free till the beginning of October. AWESOME!!!

Other news I bought a new phone. A Nokia X6 8GB. It's awesome and shiny.
My paid account expired cos I don't have a credit card right now, I can't pay for a new one. Bye bye user pics.
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Dude EPIC shit just happened.
Today was my oral English exam (uni modul English for Humanities students). I wanted to take the train (so I would have been there 20 minutes earlier) but the train was announced to be 35 minutes late - when it was already 10 minutes late. Imagine my WTF-face.
I took my car and broke all the speedlimits to get there and park my car (I even broke my internal law to never ever pay for a parking lot). I was only 5 minutes late but the exam started 10 minutes later.

The exam was actually really badly organised. We were two students - each got a news paper article that were not at all related and the teacher hadn't even read them. So we presented our articles and then the teacher and his strange side kick started asking random question. The side kick went from crusades and war (my text was about that) to theology to modern architecture. Imagine my WTF-face. But I guess they wanted to test if we could switch topics easily. I really tried to use academic vocabulary and not to babble (but I acutally said babbling one time lol). As we had to wait outside so they could grade us my fellow student and me were like: Did we honestly talk so much shit?
As we went back into the room our teacher just said: You are in the wrong course. I was like what the hell do you mean? I am nervous like hell stop kidding me! Then he said they usually don't like to give straight A's but they had to. He told us we should have taken the C-course from the beginning (C is advanced, we're in course B-intermediate). So we both got a straight A with a smiley sticker or what ever. :D

Epic shit! A straight A! This is 50% of the whole course. Now I just have to wait for the results of the written exam! We rocked so hard. Nonetheless I think the whole course was badly organised: There was no preparation for the exam. We never ever had to hand in anything. But anyway it worked out in the end.
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He guys,

how was your week? Mine was fast and slow. On Tuesday my bf and me came back from Stockholm. It was his birthday present by my parents and me. A flight to Stockholm. It was a wonderful trip even though the beginning was horrible (we nearly missed our flight in Berlin). But we had four sunny and happy days. If someone wants to see photos just comment and I'll post a few. Stockholm is an expensive amazing city.

Then my doc put me on sick leave because I've had headaches and dizziness for more than a week. So couldn't work on my thesis. I still have to arrange everything with my uni but that should go smoothly if they ever pick up the phone. lol

I finally watch Bones 5x21 and 5x22 AND I even put togehter a post about the episodes. OMG Jules is posting something like a review. lol These are just some thoughts and rambling.
And there are obviously SPOILERS for Bones season finale.

5x21 The Boy with the Answer )

5x22 The Beginning in the End )

Have a nice week!
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