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Far Away.

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Birthdate:Jan 2
Location:Leipzig, Sachsen, Germany

Welcome to Far Away. This is a semi-friends only livejournal. Fandom and real life ramblings will be posted. Friending is easy. Leave a comment.

I am a female 23 years old politics student from Germany (Leipzig, Saxony), vegetarian by conviction, smoker, drama queen, fangirl, freak, open minded, purple, black, white, red, books, movies, music.

Fandoms & Ships: Bones - Booth/Brennan, Angela/Hodgins | Castle – Rick/Kate, Ryan/Esposito | NavyCIS - Tony/Kate, Gibbs/Tony, Abby/McGee | Glee Puck/Rachel, Finn/Santana, Brittany/Santana | Harry Potter - Ron/Hermione, Harry/Draco, Sirius/Remus, Harry/Luna, Harry/Ron, Cedric/Luna, Cedric/Harry | Grey's Anatomy- Izzie/Alex | Angel & Buffy - Angel(us)/Spike, Wesley/Faith, Spike/Willow, Cordelia/Spike, Buffy/Angel(us) | How I met your mother | The Big C | Life Unexpected| Pushing Daisies – Chuck/Ned | Flash Forward | House m.d.

Movies: Inception, Pulp Ficition, Harry Potter movies, Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind, The Prestige, Little Miss Sunshine, Fight Club, Down With Love, Trainspotting, Grease, Sin City, Finding Neverland, Just like heaven.
Music: Snow Patrol, Maria Mena, Fall out boy, Sara Bareilles, OneRepublic, Ingrid Michaelson, The Fray, Missy Higgins, The Feeling, Säkert,Rilo Kiley, Damien Rice, Tegan & Sara, The Spill Canvas, Regian Spektor, Turbonegro, Sarah McLachlan, Schandmaul, Panic!at the disco, KT Tunstall, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Killers, Amanda Jenssen, Robyn, Joshua Radin, Scouting for Girls.
Books: Harry Potter by JKR, The Tomorrow Series by J.Marsden, His Dark Materials by P.Pullmann, Eine Billion Dollar by A.Eschbach, ...

My table for [info]fanfic100_de: here. My awards: here. NCIS Moodtheme by [info]benschi. Bones Moodtheme by [info]shadedcolor. Puckleberry Moodtheme by [info]itshysteric. Tom Hardy & Joseph Gordon-Levitt Moodtheme by [info]sionnach_ayame. Profile layout by [info]exchangediary. Fanfic recs can be find at my Delicious Bookmarks account
Disclaimer: All characters, shows, movies, photos, etc. (unless otherwise stated) belong to their writers, directors, networks, photografer and who ever is rich enough to claim them. Made for fun not profit. Please do not alter or hotlink my artwork!


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