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Please see my icon: Reality is a nice place, but I wouldn't want to live there. So I watched Inception. Twice.

It's bloody insane how a movie that is actually an action flick can fascinate such a huge amount of people.
So this is my Inception post. If you haven't watched the movie: GO DO SO! And then come back. ;)

Actually I wanted to watch Inception in the theaters but it was released here (Germany) in summer so nobody couldn't be bothered to join me. I got it as a Christmas present - the normal DVD. But Jesus that's the first movie I truly want to watch in 3D (I usually hate 3D) or at least on Blue Ray. Well but no such thing... Anyways...

The movie is definitely an action flick (a pretty brutal one I might say because what they do with the projections is not nice. And killing each other.) and has very little character development (a part from Drom obsly). BUT Nolan planted a fucking huge idea in my head. So simply saying I'm intrigued would be an underestimation. The idea of the movie is simply insane and how it's introduced to us through Dom's previous failures and Ariadne's learning process are fabulous ideas.
Plus everything is very illegal and secret. Hell, they actually steal thoughts in very elegant way! (Brilliant!)
So I loved watching it (both in English and in German).

But what is it with Leonardo DiCaprio's characters and their family situation?! Srsly, anybody thought of Shutter Island while watching Dom Cobb's misery unfold? I'm not a big fan of DiCaprio maybe because his characters are crazy more often than not. The story of Mal and Cobb is so intense, tragic and hopeless. I just can't go there. (Ship-wise or whatever.)

But you know where I can go ship-wise: Arthur/Eames! Srsly guys, these two are golden! I basically love Eames' character, the cocky, gambling, stealing bastard. (Plus he's like the super soldier fighting an army of projections all alone. Go Eames! Lol) And Arthur is such an easy target and gets all riled up. The ever perfect little stick in the mud. (Plus you can tell that they have history. Just like Arthur and the Cobbs which makes the movie even more interesting. Plus the movie has Michael Caine in it. (that was random))
So you will understand that I was not impressed by the peck between Arthur and Ariadne. I personally call this: The Hollywood moment. Two pretty characters have to have some sort of relationship or at least it must be hinted. If not people will not watch the movie and/or cry because there's no lame romance. What I don't like about this is: It's too obvious and stupid to choose characters (and their relationships) solely by their looks (it's mostly a pretty girl and a pretty boy), which I think they did in this case. Even though Ariadne was clearly obsessed with Cobb, but they clearly couldn't go there. Saito and Yusuf are very minor characters. Eames is too unpredictable as a character to be with the young heroine at this point. So that only leaves Arthur. But apart from some mildly flirty/interested looks from Arthur to Ariadne these two had zero chemistry IMO. Please argument with me about this. Am I missing something? (Or is this story line actually that bad?)

Although the movie itself has little character development Nolan managed to create very different and intense characters. (Even Yusuf, who has a rather minor role, intrigued me greatly. And Saito that cheeky bastard bought the whole airline. Lol) So the effort to create said characters and introduce the concept of the movie excuses said missing development.
The end was well done because we'll never know if it's real (and Saito & Cobb came back from Limbo. OMFG what kind of mindfuck must this be?)

This fandom owns my soul! Usually I don't get into a fandom based on a movie because it's mostly short lived (the movie itself and the fandom) and most movies do not capture my attention so thoroughly. But Inception does! I even wrote fic. A story in English even!
So I'm in need of a beta reader for a under 2k gen fic. (It's Eames centered. Yeah.) Anybody?!

Comments? Ideas? Criticism? Squees? Rants?
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