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Snagged from [livejournal.com profile] slybrunette who is a protected minority on my flist. ;)

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To the developer of Open Office (http://de.openoffice.org/ go get it screw Microsoft): I am your bitch.
I owe you guys. Without your search my insanity would be gone for good.

/ Yes, I still write my thesis.
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Stupid English language for having the most perfect phrases and words.
Stupid German language for having totally different perfect phrases.
Stupid me for not being capable of translations.
Stupid Bachelor thesis. BAH!
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Someone has taken hostages in a H&M store in Leipzig (aka the city where I study). I went to that
store this morning, later to the library (like 450 metres from the store.)

Let's hope they can solve the situation peacefully.

ETA Everybody is free no bloodbath thank god
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It's like a ten zillion degree outsides. Not the nice sitting at the beach feeling the sea breeze and coming home with a sunburn kind of heat. It's the a thunder storm is waiting around the corner kind of heat. So I am inside with a headache because of said heat, watching the pilot of How I met you mother (because it's summer break) and trying to think of a good excuse for my latest parking ticket. GO AWAY Mr off all that's evil aka red tape.
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He guys,

how was your week? Mine was fast and slow. On Tuesday my bf and me came back from Stockholm. It was his birthday present by my parents and me. A flight to Stockholm. It was a wonderful trip even though the beginning was horrible (we nearly missed our flight in Berlin). But we had four sunny and happy days. If someone wants to see photos just comment and I'll post a few. Stockholm is an expensive amazing city.

Then my doc put me on sick leave because I've had headaches and dizziness for more than a week. So couldn't work on my thesis. I still have to arrange everything with my uni but that should go smoothly if they ever pick up the phone. lol

I finally watch Bones 5x21 and 5x22 AND I even put togehter a post about the episodes. OMG Jules is posting something like a review. lol These are just some thoughts and rambling.
And there are obviously SPOILERS for Bones season finale.

5x21 The Boy with the Answer )

5x22 The Beginning in the End )

Have a nice week!
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Someone at work gave my dad an ostrich's egg as bribery a gift.
When I'm grown up I want to have his job. lol
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Daphne* is dead.

* Daphne is my laptop. In the end the cable/wire/whatever of my screen seems to be broken. So the screen freezes everytime I turn it on. *le sigh*
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Wrong guessed nationality count:
Bulgaria: 1
France: 1
Spain: 1
Ireland: 3
UK: 4

They joy of being abroad.

And now off to study again.
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Because this is absurd but so much fun!

Snagged from [livejournal.com profile] alias_jems
1. Bold the names of guys you'd definitely sex it up with.
2. Italicize the names of guys you might do after a little persuasion.
3. Leave the guys who don't do anything for you alone.
4. Put a question mark after the guys you've never heard of.
5. Strike the guys you wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole.
6. Add three more guys to the list.

1. Russell Howard ?
2. Criss Angel ?
3. Robert Pattinson
4. Jeffrey Dean Morgan
5. Hugh Jackman
6. Brad Pitt
7. Jared Padalecki
8. Taylor Lautner It's the twilight thing. I liked Pattison before he went all vampire.
9. Jackson Rathbone ?
10. Robert Downey Jr.
11. Jared Leto
12. Adam Gontier ?
13. Chris Kane
14. Michael Welch ?
15. Jensen Ackles
16. Michael Shanks
17. Misha Collins
18. Ryan Reynolds
19. Andrew-Lee Potts
20. ee Pacec
21. David Tennant
22. David Boreanaz
23. Michael Weatherly Please David and him. Now! :D
24. John Francis Daley
25. Alexander Skarsgard ?
26. Zachary Levi ?
27. David Duchovny
28. Joel McHale ?
29. Ryan Gosling ?
30. Hugh Laurie
31. T.J. Thyne
32. Wentworth Miller
33. Christopher Meloni
34. Christopher Eccleston
35. John Simm
36. Will Smith
37. Michael Vartan
38. Ewan McGregor
39. David Beckham
40. Marc Harmon
41. Alexis Denisof
42. Justin Chambers
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